How To Normalise The Abnormal

I’ve written this piece for the ‘Survivors Of Abuse’ campaign to raise awareness of grooming. I will never know what went on in my grandfather’s mind, but this is my interpretation of his thoughts from things he said and did. I apologise if you find this uncomfortable to read.

There’s nothing really wrong with it. If there was, someone would have said something.

Most of us love family gatherings. As a father and grandfather, I certainly do. Such happy days!

It’s normal for grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren, so it’s easy for me to watch what my gorgeous, little granddaughter is doing and then follow her when she wanders off alone.

What I do to her is just my way of showing her love, it’s just affection really. But I always tell her not to tell anyone after I’ve finished, just in case someone objects.

I started when she was really young, too young to know what was happening to her. And even if she did, she wouldn’t know how to explain it to anyone. As she gets older, I trust she won’t say anything as she’ll probably be a bit embarrassed about what we do together.

My family don’t have a problem with it, otherwise they’d say something when I put my hand down her little, cotton knickers in front of them. But they don’t, they wouldn’t dare.

I take it out quickly when my daughter-in-law comes into the room though. I don’t think she’d understand how I like to do things in my family.

I call my adorable granddaughter ‘my little chickadee,’ and I praise her ‘million dollar legs.’ My wife calls me ‘a dirty old man’ but she’s so terrified that our open family secret will get out that her words don’t travel far.

Not that anyone would believe it. Outside the family I’m seen as a lovely person; a well respected, old-fashioned gentleman.

And my family respects me too. They are my faithful minions, my acolytes. And commanding their continued loyalty is of utmost importance.

Because twenty years later on, my once endearing granddaughter is now an angry adult complaining about me having access to children. But I simply stand back and let my family close ranks to shut her up.

My wife threatens to commit suicide if this deranged granddaughter contacts the police. Others call her selfish and accuse her of wanting to split up the family and making a mountain out of a molehill.

What I did to my granddaughter in the past wasn’t much, she’s just a bad apple, ungrateful for all we’ve done for her and has no respect for her elders. I mean there are others who received affection in the same way, but none of them have made a fuss!

Apart from that one troublemaker who is swiftly dealt with, my family are a reasonable lot and continue to allow children to visit or stay with me.

As I said, there’s nothing really wrong with it. If there was, someone would have said something.

3 thoughts on “How To Normalise The Abnormal

  1. A brilliant and chilling portrayal of child sexual abuse within the family and how in some cases it is the ‘open secret’ due to the normalisation by other family members. Thank you for sharing this.


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